Reverse Lab

The Reverse Engineering Lab, located at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been equipped with latest generation devices and systems used for the acquisition of 3D shapes, and with the IT devices essential for the subsequent production of digital models. These equipments have been used in the framework of cross-disciplinary research projects, and in activities conducted in cooperation with industrial partners. 


Minolta VI-9i Optical Scanner

This Optical laser scanner is used to size out surfaces without contact. The precision of these measuring is equal to 50μm.

Microscribe MX digitizer system

This device is used for sizing out the surfaces with contact. The precision of these measuring is equal to 0.3 mm.

Next Engine

Optica laser scanner Next Engine, based on an innovative multi-laser technology, named MLT (Multistripe Laser Triangulation).
The precision of these measuring is equal to 0.005 inch.


It is a pattern projection range sensor based on the triangulation principle. It is equipped with one pattern projector and two cameras with fixed focal lens (f=17 mm) observing the object to be measured from different points of view in order to reduce the effects of occlusions.
The precision of this device is 40 μm.

Responsible for the lab 
Prof. Gabriele Guidi
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.