Haptic Devices


In our labs we have a PHANToM desktop, two PHANToM of the first generation and a PHANToM Omni www.sensable.com

MOOG-FCS Haptic Master
These devices are used for the development of industrial haptic applications. The devices have a wide workplace and exert force feedback of 250 N.
The Haptic Masters have been used for the development of system prototypes applied to the design, for the evaluation and modification of shapes in the framework of the T’nD and SATIN European projects.

Virtuose 6D35-45
It is a haptic system, which allows a 6 DOF force feedback. It is used for the development of any kind of VR application that is based on the haptic interaction and manipulation of virtual objects: assembly simulation, ergonomic studies, etc.

Haptic devices
The researchers of the KAEMaRT Group have developed some haptic programmable devices that allow the behavioural simulation of interactive control systems (push buttons, knobs and sliders), thanks to the easy interface for the modification of the devices parameters. The devices’ controllers make use of an integrated web server that permits the modification of the behaviours of the devices by means of a simple web browser.