Display Systems

Cyviz - VIZ3D

It is a system for 3D visualization in passive rear projected stereovision, used to visualize virtual prototypes of big size in real scale.


Immersive Workbench 3D-IW 
The system allows to interact with digital models and touch and see them in the same workspace.
SenseGraphics composed by:
- one PHANToM Omni device,
- one 6DOF 3DConnexion mouse, SpaceTraveller 
- Stereo Shutter Glasses.

NVIDIA 3D Vision

3D Vision is a stereoscopic kit from Nvidia which enables stereoscopic vision for any Direct3D and OpenGL applications, with various degrees of compatibility. The kit is specially designed for 120 Hz LCD monitors but is compatible with CRT monitors, DLP-projectors, and others.